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What is Palo Santo
what is palo santo

What is Palo Santo

What is Palo Santo ?

Palo Santo is an aromatic wood derived from trees belonging to the genus Bursera, mainly found in South America, particularly in countries like Ecuador and Peru. Its name translates to “holy wood” in Spanish and has been utilized for centuries in various cultural and spiritual practices. Belonging to the  Bursera graveolens family.

One of the significant regions known for producing Palo Santo is Ecuador, and places like Puerto Lopez have gained prominence as sources of this sacred wood. In Ecuador, local communities play a vital role in the sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo, which ensures the preservation of the trees and the environment they inhabit.

Among the most well-known establishments in Ecuador that handle the production of “Holly Wood” is the El Artesan Factory. This factory is involved in processing Sacred Wood and creating various products for commercial distribution.

Some of the popular products include Essential Oil, Incense Cones, Incense sticks, and Palo Santo powder. These items are valued for their pleasant fragrance, which is often described as calming, uplifting, and purifying.

Sustainability is a critical aspect of Palo Santo production, and responsible harvesting practices are essential to protect the natural resources and the livelihoods of local communities. By promoting sustainable practices, the extraction of the precious wood can continue without causing harm to the environment, ensuring the preservation of this precious resource for future generations.

In some regions, the harvesting and processing of Palo Santo have become a source of income and empowerment for women in the local communities.

They are actively involved in different stages of the production process, contributing to the well-being of their families and the community as a whole. The income generated from  products helps create local wealth, supporting economic growth and fostering self-sufficiency.

El Artesan is a small company which began with the  Sustainable harvesting, community involvement, and the creation of various products like Essential Oil, Cones, Sticks, and Powder contribute to the well-being of the region and its people, while ensuring the preservation of this precious resource for generations to come.