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Palo Santo Sticks Wholesale


Palo Santo Sticks Wholesale, 100% natural and handmade, due to natural conditions the wood could be damaged easily. El Artesan follows international rules and processes for making and trading the products taking special care on the Wood in a pure state.

Beginning with a special sorting and storage the sticks are made by the folks with all the love and care and we continue to a sanitizing process, then we continue to the Quality control area and lastly the packing for the trade.

Special Handling and Treatment.

After we collect the wood we sort it and then we store for a period of time, before we continue to the next step fo the process.
The product is controlled one by one and then sterilized with high temperatures and steam.
Quality Control&Packing
After we sanitize the sticks, we continue to the quality control before we pack them for the trading.

Phytosanitary Certify

Our products have been tested and inspected according to officials procedures and are considered free of Quaranty Pests specified by the importing contracting party and conforming with the phytosanitary requierements, included those for regulated non quaranty pests.

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