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Palo Santo Project

El Artesan - Ecuador

Short History

Palo Santo Project Ecuador, 20 years ago we visited Puerto Lopez and some of the communities surrounded by Palo Santo Wood. We were traveling and learning about this wonderful specie because we wanted to produce a Fragrance from the Nature .

Unfortunately we found many problems of deforestation, and poverty of many families. All this was only an inspiration to project a better future. It was not easy to make our proposal a reality due to the lack of knowledge of the local people and also due to legal situations. Ecuador is a very bureaucratic country and the Government is not usually open to new ways of thinking and creating economic welfare.


Reforestation Plan

We were decided to take part on this situation and after a time we started to get all the conditions to start the Reforestation of Palo Santo in Puerto Lopez and some  thers towns as well. reforestation palo santo   We had the support of the people they were very enthusiastic about the Project, this was a new opportunity for its life and a new way for using this ¨Sacred Wood¨

Social and Economic Impact

el artesan - palo santo         We have been working with families from the local communities who make the products that are distributed by our company El Artesan.