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Palo Santo Powder



PRICE:   $22/KG

MOQ:   5KG


Palo Santo Powder, a first quality product ready to be used in any space to enjoy all its biochemical and esoteric properties.
Produced by hand by Craftmen and Craftwomen from Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

Palo Santo Powder

“Unlock the Essence of Sustainability with Handmade Palo Santo Powder from Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Introduce your business to a world of conscious choices with our remarkable sustainable Palo Santo powder, lovingly crafted in the coastal haven of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. Our artisanal powder brings a touch of nature’s authenticity to your B2B offerings, allowing your clients to embrace wellness, mindfulness, and eco-consciousness.

🌿 A Sustainable Legacy: Our Palo Santo powder is born from the heart of eco-sustainability. Responsibly sourced Palo Santo wood is meticulously transformed into this exquisite powder, offering a meaningful way to engage in mindful practices while preserving Ecuador’s natural heritage.

🏞️ From Coast to Conscience: The vibrant essence of Puerto Lopez is encapsulated within every particle of our Palo Santo powder. Your clients will be transported to Ecuador’s coastal beauty with each use, connecting them to the heart of this picturesque region.

🌬️ Aroma of Tranquility: Infuse your clients’ spaces with the enchanting fragrance of Palo Santo. Our powder, when gently burned, releases a soothing aroma known for promoting relaxation, focus, and positive energy—a perfect companion for meditation, yoga, and wellness rituals.

🌱 Ethical Commitment: By offering our sustainable Palo Santo powder, you align your brand with responsible choices. Your clients can indulge in the beauty of Palo Santo while contributing to the conservation of Ecuador’s precious ecosystems.

🎁 Elevate Your Product Range: Elevate your B2B selection with our unique Palo Santo powder. Perfect for gift shops, wellness centers, and holistic boutiques, this product complements the values of conscious living and holistic well-being.

Handcrafted Authenticity: Our powder is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, embracing generations of tradition and expertise. By sharing this product with your clients, you honor Ecuador’s indigenous heritage while offering a piece of their culture.

🔥 Create Rituals of Bliss: Encourage your clients to create personalized rituals with our Palo Santo powder. Whether for spiritual cleansing, intention setting, or simply enjoying its enchanting aroma, the possibilities are as varied as your clients’ aspirations.

Elevate your B2B offerings with our handmade Palo Santo powder, a testament to sustainability, tradition, and the enchantment of Puerto Lopez. Join hands with us to enrich your clients’ lives with a touch of Ecuador’s natural wonders. Contact us today to embark on a partnership that echoes the essence of mindful living.


Palo Santo Harvesting and Care

wood is the most important part, without wood or without a correct handling of it, we would not have access to the products. We work with local artisans who make our products independently.

The palo santo harvesters know when the wood is ready to be harvested and transported to our warehouses where it is stored. the wood is taken to our warehouse where we select and store it in a very careful way, during a certain time we must take care that it is not contaminated with bugs, impurities and everything that can damage the wood even the air itself. (too much humidity damages the wood)

Our process is 100% manual following a rigorous control at each stage, we want to obtain a high quality product taking advantage of all the wood. nothing is wasted.


Belonging to the Bursera Graveolens family and endemic to dry tropical forests, it is found in several South American countries including Ecuador.
In Ecuador it is also found in several provinces, such as Manabi, where we are located.

Palo Santo trees can be found in this region, and the wood is harvested sustainably to ensure the preservation of the species and the environment. If you’re interested in acquiring Palo Santo from Manabí, Ecuador,  “El Artesan”  offers ethically and sustainably harvested Palo Santo products.


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