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Palo Santo Powder


Palo Santo Powder, a first quality product ready to be used in any space to enjoy all its biochemical and esoteric properties.
Produced by hand by Craftmen and Craftwomen from Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

How we make the Powder !

The Wood
wood is the most important part, without wood or without a correct handling of it, we would not have access to the products. Trabajamos con artesanos locales quienes elaboran los productos de manera autónoma
Handling the Wood
The palo santo harvesters know when the wood is ready to be harvested and transported to our warehouses where it is stored. the wood is taken to our warehouse where we select and store it in a very careful way, during a certain time we must take care that it is not contaminated with bugs, impurities and everything that can damage the wood even the air itself. (too much humidity damages the wood)
Wood Storing
Our process is 100% manual following a rigorous control at each stage, we want to obtain a high quality product taking advantage of all the wood. nothing is wasted.

Phytosanitary Certify

Our products have been tested and inspected according to officials procedures and are considered free of Quarantine Pests specified by the importing contracting party and conforming with the phytosanitary requirements, included those for regulated non quarantine pests.

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Trading and Shipment

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After 20 years on the Market we have acquired all the Technical and Scientific knowledge to guarantee not only high quality Products but reliable as well. Fulfilling all the International requirements for Trading and Exporting.

We use International Shipping Companies to guarantee the landing of the Products in your hands.   DHL /  UPS

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