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Palo Santo Inciense Cones

Palo Santo Incense

Palo santo Incense Cones , 100% handmade, following a careful process of selection, storing, production, sanitizing and  trading.

The Incense Cones are handmade however we follow international standards of production so that we can get all the certifies for trading and exporting.

For making the cones we need to grind the wood and mix it with distilled water and a very special plant known as Muyuyo (Cordia Lutea).

Carefully Handmade

Collecting & Sorting
Once the wood is ready for collecting it, we start to pick up and sorting it for its differents uses. Oil, Sticks and Icense. We need to keep it in a resting time before we continue with the next step.
Hand Making
Before starting the manufacture, we must check that there is no dirt on the wood. We need to crush the wood then a qualified person produces each cone by hand.

Phytosanitary Certify

Our products have been tested and inspected according to officials procedures and are considered free of Quaranty Pests specified by the importing contracting party and conforming with the phytosanitary requierements, included those for regulated non quaranty pests.

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Trading & Shipment

After 20 years on the Market we have acquired all the Technical and Scientific knowledge to guarantee not only high quality Products but reliable as well. Fulfilling all the International requirements for Trading and Exporting.

We use International Shipping Companies to guarantee the landing of the Products in your hands.   DHL /  UPS

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