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" Palo Santo Ecuador"

El Artesan Factory

Palo Santo Ecuador ! 20 Years ago we got inspired by the Perfumes and Fragrances we can find on Nature but when we discovered Palo Santo a new world was showed to Us. We mean it is not only an amazing Fragrance but a Sacred Medicine as well.

In addition to this, we found local communities in the coastal region of Ecuador, where support, care and protection were needed. That is why we decided to take part of the problem by providing some solutions.

Palo Santo Project

In Ecuador, we find Palo Santo in some spots where the deforestation where spoiling the wood and the areas as well, also the local communities were not taking care of the damage caused for the use without a purpose and respecting Nature.
Besides of it we also found many folks with Economic problems and that was terrible because they were burning their Ressources. That is how we build a Project for Palo Santo. Our main goal was to Protect Nature and helping people to create a better life with wealth.

Nowadays we work with local people who can produce high-quality products from Palo Santo and the " El Artesan " helps them to trade the Products world wide. We also are helping with scientistic researches to learn more about this plant and to prevent it from damages.

Our Mindset and Goals

improve the local communities welth, creating logistical and estrategical conditions, based on the mutal respect with Nature and Environment.
So that we can set the sustainbale use of the “Palo Santo ” in Ecuador.
We work in a safe environment that gives confidence to all our Workers and Clients, for whom we work with Honesty, delivering a product of excellent Quality.
Reforest and promote environmental responsibility in general and especially the care of species such as Palo Santo.
Boosting the scientific studies of palo santo for its improvement and development.
Make our Business a productive place, achieving a growing volume of participation of our Brand in the National and International Market. Putting as an axis the Satisfaction and Care of our Clients.


palo santo ecuador
palo santo ecuador