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Palo Santo Wholesale Ecuador

Palo Santo Wholesale, Ecuador we put all our effort, knowledge and passion to produce very unique products which are worldwide exported.

We began as an Environmental, Social – Economical Project,  nowadays our trade mark “El Artesan” is looking forward creating sustainable wealth for the Community of Puerto Lopez, working on the conservation of Palo Santo Forest in Manabí, Ecuador.

Sustainable Palo Santo ?

Sustainable Palo Santo, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, our Mission and Vision help us to boost the local development, protect and conserve the resources for the future.

Protecting not only the Forest but the Community itself, we boost the local wealth creating a relationship between people and environment.

It is not sustainable without equity, which means generating decent working conditions for everyone, from the collectors to the higher position in our company.

Where does it come from ?

Belonging to the Bursera Graveolens Family we found it within the dry tropical forest along the Pacific Coast South America’s.

Our Palo Santo Forest is located in the Manabi Province in Ecuador, but we find it in the Loja Province as well.

Is Palo Santo at Risk ?

Palo Santo in  Ecuador was at risk of disappearing due to the wrong handling and lack of knowledge.

Wood traffickers who used to produce charcoal with this Sacred Wood. Cattle owners who fed the animals within the Forest.

“Besides to these problems the government did not take care of nothing”.

20 years ago the people did not know the real properties, power  and the products we could make out of Palo Santo, even the locals were using it in wrong way.

Happily our beloved master Dante Bolcato fought for running a project to protect the forest and make new products for exportation.

Of course the incense is powerful but we can have the most of its benefits from the oil.

Protecting the Forest was fine but what about the families who used to live from the Palo Santo Forest ? They became the craftswomen and craftsmen who make the products, collect the wood and protect the Forest itself.

Quality vs Quantity

Our goal is produce high quality products keeping a handmade process, besides we need to generate job for the families who live from the Palo Santo.

some of them make the products, some of them collect the wood the older ones protect the forest from wood traffickers and cattle owners.

Palo Santo Products

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo Essential Oil
High quality product 100% organic and handmade, taking special care from the very beginning to the end Product. We follow all the International standards of production and trade to get the License and Certify for worldwide Exportation.
Palo Santo Essential Oil
El Artesan Ecuador

Palo Santo Sticks

We product high quality product due to the care we take from growing the Tree until the end product we deliver in your hands. El Artesan owns all the Licences and Certifies for worldwide supplying. Working with the locals communities we boost the economic wealth and the Protection of the Sacred Wood as well (Palo Santo).
Palo Santo Sticks Wholesale
El Artesan Ecuador
palo santo sticks

Palo Santo Incense Cones

palo santo incense
Our cones are made from ground Palo Santo, distilled water and Muyuyo exotic plant, we handle it very careful because it is very fragile and smooth until it is dried and ready for its sterilization before the packing and after for its shipment.
Palo Santo Incense Cones
El Artesan Ecuador

Palo Santo Incense Powder

Palo Santo Powder, burn the incense and enjoy its unique aroma and the properties of Palo Santo in any space. Aromatic, Esoteric, Sanitizer.
Palo Santo Powder
Incense Powder Wholesale
Palo Santo Powder

Palo Santo Forest Ecuador

"El Artesan Protected Forest"
palo santo forest

The country has a new conservation area of Forest and Protective Vegetation (BVP) under the name “El Artesan EcuadorianHands”, a space of 50 hectares, whose vegetation is dominated by the Palo Santo tree (bursera graveolens) important for the culture and local economy, so its conservation is crucial to maintain biodiversity, in addition to the properties and unique aroma of this forest species.

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Since our inception our company has been fully committed to the quality of our products, our customers are sure to have unique quality products without abusing resources and taking care of nature and Palo Santo in Ecuador.

In order to offer and keep the Unique Quality of our products our Company will be ruled and certified by the ISO-9001 it will allow us to maintain our Reputation in the International Market and the best for our Customers.

El Artesan; our brand is internationally recognized not only for its high quality but also for the seriousness and responsibility of our team. Besides our Company is fully committed to protection of the Palo Santo Forest.
We have all the environmental licenses and technical documentation which certify our Ethical Palo Santo Supply.

Palo Santo | El Artesan


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